About Emecho

Emecho is a little male panda bear who lives in Emekaland.

He is the youngest of three children born to Mr and MrsEmekovi (a strange family name going back to their grandma – a famous ballet dancer, coming from the part of Siberia where the border with China lays). He has an ID card and an address written on a little piece of wood and he carefully keeps them so that he could never feel lost.

Emecho is fluffy and flashy, ungraceful and a little clumsy. He is fearless or at least that is what he wants to be.

About Emecho ic

He is very curious and loves learning new things but his strongest desire is to have his own friends.

The biggest adventure for him is to get to know the world where people live and about which his mother has told him so many stories.

He loves asking tons of questions about life and about people but he knows the answersto many things as well.

Emecho is a little shy and he often needs to hide from people while getting to know the world around.

Every day he comes up with new games which are sometimes pure trouble but he is also always ready to share his toys with others – even if it would be just for the fun.


He is childishly naive and good-natured but in every situation he can find the right way for everything.